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Уроки с носителем английского языка 2016 - 2017

Новый учебный год отмечен появлением в школе "7 ключей" новых учителей английского языка - носителей языка! Учителя школы - побратим из Северной Каролины, США Алекса (учитель родного (английского) языка) и Даниэл (учитель музыки) Мьюс будут работать на протяжении всего года. В расписание четы Мьюс включены уроки английского языка (1-10 классы), факультативы ("Debates" - 5 -10 классы, "English Land" - 1-4 классы), спец.курсы ("Successful Writing", "Creative Thinking", "Language Practice" и др.). 

Сами учителя очень взволнованы и счастливы получить такую возможность, как работа в школе "7 ключей".

Вот, что они говорят по этому поводу:

Alexa: "Future Students, hello! My name is Alexa Muse, but you can call me Mrs. Muse. I am currently a teacher at the Epiphany School of Global Studies in New Bern, North Carolina (USA). However, as I write this, I am working on my visa application because next year, my husband and I are going to teach you at 7 Keys!  You may recognize me. I came to visit you with Epiphany last March, and we had an AMAZING time exploring your city, eating delicious food, and enjoying time with all of you. I have never forgotten that experience, so when Olga approached me about teaching at your school, I could not help but say, “YES!”   I will be honest, my Russian is not very good (n’horasho), but I am working very hard to learn so that we can communicate. In Russia, I will be teaching you English. This is very exciting because I also teach English (Literature) in the United States. In 2013, I taught English for three months in Tomsk, so this will not be my first time teaching Russian students. This being said, I am very nervous. While smiling is normal and polite in the United States, I smile a little bit too much by Russian standards. I also know you have the most amazing teachers EVER, and I hope to live up to their standards of excellence! In my spare time, I have many hobbies. I enjoy playing various instruments (such as the flute, euphonium, and ukulele), drinking tea, reading many books, and traveling. In fact, I am currently (SLOWLY) working on reading Harry Potter in Russian. I have a LOT to teach you, and you have a LOT to teach me! Perhaps by working together, we can all grow to reach new heights. I look forward to meeting and getting to know each of you come August. 

All the best,

Alexa Muse"

Daniel: "7 Keys Students, hello. My name is Daniel Muse. I will be your music teacher next year. I began my formal music education in 1999 when I joined the marching band (as a crash cymbal player) at Wilson High School in Florence, Alabama. I briefly studied music at the University of North Alabama before joining the United States Marine Corps to play percussion professionally. When my service ended two years ago, I decided to finish my education at East Carolina University under Dr. Jon Wacker. I have enjoyed my experiences teaching instrumental music classes and lessons at all age levels and I look forward to teaching you in the upcoming school year. I very much enjoy the history and culture of music in Russia and I will enjoy more about the music of your country.


Daniel Muse"